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Professional zombie makeup. Brass lighted makeup mirror.

Professional Zombie Makeup

professional zombie makeup

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Zombies in Mainstrasse

Zombies in Mainstrasse

My make up artist friend, Andrea, and her at the time boyfriend, Justin, and I decided to do a zombie themed shoot. Originally it was just going to be like a portrait of a zombie, but then we decided to do this. A 16 zombie chase scene. Add in our pin up esque friend Kelsea, my now fiance and love of my life Tammi, a post to friends to come in your best zombie make up and be in the back of the photos, 3 hours of professional makeup, and 200 frames later, and this is what you get.

We are now going to use this photo, as it gained some notoriety in our area, as a promotional material to do another one. Only this time, make it HUGE. 100's of people, shut down a street, and just do it up.

Strobist Info*
Canon 5D, 16-35 f2.8. Two bare bulb AB400's on either side of the group to add highlights to everyone, and one AB400 through a small softbox to illuminate the main model. Strobes FIred by PW Plus II's and powered by one Paul Bluff Vagabond unit.



October 31
I am inordinately proud of the way that Ethan turned out. I have never worked with latex before. Ethan was a trooper. His face and hands took quite some time to do. The real help was the professional makeup. He wouldn't have looked so good without it.

professional zombie makeup

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